spoke exclusively with St. Louis, Missouri native B Magic just before his recent battle with Rum Nitty at King Of The Dot’s Vendetta 2: Redemption in Los Angeles. The battle rapper talked about ghostwriting in the industry and why he considers it cheating. 

“I used to ghostwrite, but I stopped that shit, though,” he says. “[It’s] basically battling with another muthafucka’s thoughts. You just basically got to rehearse somebody else’s words. It’s cool when you getting paid [laughs], to write niggas shit, but besides that, as far as a battle rapper, I don’t think nobody should get a ghostwriter because it’s cheating, man. That ain’t battling. That’s battling with another muthafucka.

“When I was [ghostwriting] I was doing it for a local St. Louis muthafucka so at that time I wasn’t getting charged but the muthafucka offered me a stack,” he continues. “I was like, ‘come with it,’ but he wasn’t ready for the stack, that’s what it was.” 

B Magic also discusses keeping it original, battling in different regions and whether or not there are too many leagues in the industry. To read the full article and watch the interview, visit Battle Rap.