Scheduled to battle Aye Verb at the URL-sponsored NOME 4 event at the end of this week, battler Goodz offered VladTV context for the matchup. 

“I am kind of excited for the me and Verb,” he said. “It was supposed to have been go down. Me and Verb always had tension for years now. It’s finally gonna happen. I don’t get happy no more, like, ‘I got this battle, I’m gonna kill this nigga.’ I don’t get like that. I’m always gon’ be prepared though. Always gon’ be prepared. With me, I get excited the day it’s about to happen. Then I’m ready…Like five days to it, I be the most anxious. I think every battle rapper be the most anxious. When it gets to like three days left, you just wanna do it and get it over with. You just sitting there waiting. I don’t really get too excited no more. It’s work. It’s just a job. It’s just like if you come to work. You don’t get excited to go to work in the morning. When you first went from that job at McDonalds to this job where you getting a salary you was exciting for maybe that whole year. After that year, it’s work. Now you want something better. That’s how I feel. I’m looking for something better. I’m trying to get a situation. I need something. I need something like that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Goodz talked about not having the type of life issues that feed battlers who utilize personals. For the full story visit Battle Rap