With a handful of Justin Bieber’s negative headlines attributed to Young Money artist Lil Twist in recent months, Lil Wayne directed a nearly minute-long rant at the R&B singer’s manager Scooter Braun for falsely blaming Twist.

Last year, Twist was blamed for a marijuana filled party at Bieber’s California home as well as driving the singer’s Ferrari at illegal speeds in a separate incident. In yet another headline-making piece of news, Twist was apparently at fault for driving Bieber’s Fisker sports car into a pole near a liquor store last March.

Exiting a private jet, Lil Wayne defended Twist and blasted Scooter Braun in a video posted by DJ Scoob Doo earlier today (May 26). While Wayne has some choice words for Braun, he seems to leave Bieber out of it, going so far as to refer to the singer as his “little brother.”

“This my nigga Lil Twist right here,” Wayne says in the video. “I heard that they got a bitch-ass nigga named Scooter that be running with my little brother Justin Bieber…That’s my little brother Justin Bieber. I heard this bitch-ass nigga Scooter talking shit about my little brother.

“Nigga this my motherfuckin’ brother,” Wayne adds, pointing to Lil Twist. “Anything you got to say, when you see me say it to my motherfuckin’ face. And if you do happen to say it to my motherfuckin’ face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words nigga, I’ma put them bitches on your tombstone.”

At the end of the video, Wayne says he and Twist have just returned from France with Bieber himself.

“We just came from France with my little brother Justin Bieber,” he says. “Fuck you Scooter!”

Earlier this month, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber escorted Floyd Mayweather to the ring leading up to his match against Argentine fighter Marcos Maidana. Lil Wayne used the fight-night as the occasion for the live debut of his new Carter V single “Believe Me.”

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