Stand-up comic and actor Chris Tucker broaches the much-talked about Jay Z and Solange elevator altercation in his upcoming stand-up special, according to a preview released by WorldStarHipHop

“Ya’ll see the fight with Jay Z and…what’s her name?” he asks to begin the segment. “Alanz? She kicked everybody ass in that elevator. She was going off. Even her sister, Beyonce, was like, ‘Goddamn!’ She was kicking. Drop-kicking. She threw her purse.

“But Jay Z cool as hell,” he later said. “He was fighting her cool. He still cool. Fighting her like this. ‘Yo B, you better get her. B.’ One time he flinched. He lost his cool that time…Jay Z was cool as hell.”

Joking that “everybody got a crazy person in their family,” Tucker went on to tease Beyonce for her reaction to her sister’s attack.

“Beyonce didn’t do nothing,” he said. “Everybody got a crazy person in their family. ‘Just let her calm down. Let her calm down. She’ll calm down in a minute. I hope she ain’t got that gun on her, Goddamn. We all get our ass shot up in this elevator.’

“Black families, we got stuff that happen all the time,” he continued. “This just got caught on tape. They gon’ be alright. That’s how rich people fight. It be like a soap opera.”

Tucker, who starred prominently in Blockbuster hits like Rush Hour and Fridayrecently returned to Hollywood with a part in the 2012 comedy Silver Linings Playbook. A clip of the comedian’s recent bit is available below.

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