Chris Tucker, who co-starred with Ice Cube in 1995’s Friday, recently spoke about reconnecting with Cube on another installment of the film. Tucker, who played the role of Smokey said he is trying to become more involved with the potential project. 

“I’m actually trying to help [the studio] come up with some ideas and be apart of the producing process with Cube to see if we can come up with something, so that might happen,” Tucker said during an interview with Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning. 

Still, the actor said that the film has to be different from the 1995 film he co-starred in. 

“If I do a movie like Friday again it has to evolve,” he said. “I evolved from Smokey when I was that age when I did that movie, from when I did Fifth Element or even the first Rush Hour. So, every character I look at now I’m like, ‘Can I play it?’ Because where I am right now…I pull a lot from real life. I put a lot of myself in the characters.”

In 2012, Ice Cube said he turned in a script for a final Friday film, tentatively titled Last Friday

“Yeah, [Last Friday is] coming,” Cube said at the time. “We’re marinating on it, putting it together…probably my next album [Everythang’s Corrupt] will be done quicker than the Friday movie. We just turned in the script, so it’s going to take a couple of more months to put it together.”

Also in 2012, Cube spoke about the possibility of having Tucker on board.

“I want [Chris Tucker] to be in it,” Cube said at the time. “He’s given us every indication that he’s gonna be in it. Until he shows up on set, you never know. That’s really how it goes.” 

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