In a recent interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez earlier this week Nas revealed that he not only is squashing the beef with Jay-Z but would be open to collaborate with the Jiggaman. While the two were recently engaged in a heated rivalry it never seemed that the two would be open to work together. The battle brought out the best in both emcees and the possibility of the two recording together is a fan’s dream.

It will be interesting to see if Jay-Z is open to the opportunity being as though he is “retired.” But it is important to know that Nas has become the bigger man in this situation.

In other news Nas is contemplating releasing his controversial name calling track “These Are Our Heroes ”to the radio but is unsure how the general public will accept it.

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“It’s a fun record,” Nas insisted to MTV. “I pick out certain guys that’s heavy in the media who; whether they’re athletes, rappers, whatever I think [they’re] cooning. I don’t know if radio and TV are ready for those images, but they should be, because that’s what hip-hop is.”