Beef sometimes gets physical and in the age of smartphones and the Internet, the camera is usually rolling.

HipHopWired recently made its list of the top 10 physical altercations in Hip Hop caught on camera. According to them, the list was inspired by Tyler, The Creator’s recent feud with Iggy Azalea.

The top “fight” involved 50 Cent and Trav onstage during a Core DJs mixshow in Atlanta, which happened late last year. 

This is what HipHopWired says about the incident’s “winner.”

Winner: As much as we hate to admit it, Trav. First of all, male groupies-turned-wannabe rappers shouldn’t even be addressed, let alone beefed with — a rapper of 50’s status brings himself down to the lowest common denominator by even farting in Trav’s general direction. This beef only raised Trav’s profile — it didn’t do anything beneficial for 50 in terms of a career move. Second, Trav insulted Holly on Twitter, through a series of sub-Tweets, like a teenage girl getting her first period — he didn’t address Holly in person, or mention Holly directly. If Trav’s little Twitter fit didn’t faze Holly (and it didn’t), why should (or would) it faze Curtis? Third, they aren’t really “fighting” — no fists were thrown; not even a shove from either party — 50 is popping his finger, & Trav is popping his neck. It’s sort of what it would look like if your new wifey & your crazy hoodrat baby mama met in person…not a good look for a couple of street dudes. Finally, any time Meek Mill is the voice of reason in a fight, you know things don’t look good for you. 

Number 2 was the fight between Game and 40 Glocc where Game made sure to get the brawl on camera. Number three involved Lil Reese beating up the mother of his child in 2012.

This is the video HipHopWired uses to accompany this fight.

View the remaining “fights” from the list below, according to HipHopWired:

3. Lil Reese vs. his baby’s mother
4. Tony Yayo vs. Gunplay
5. Kanye West vs. photographer
6. vs. Perez Hilton
7. Waka Flocka Flame vs. Lil’Capp
8. Lil B vs. Lil Niko
9. Joe Budden vs. Consequence
10. Erica Mena vs. Rich Dollaz

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