With an upcoming battle against Reed Dollaz scheduled for next month, John John Da Don spoke with Angryfans Radio to address allegations that he consistently steals other battlers lyrics in his match-ups.

“I said words that somebody said before,” John John said. “I said words. Ya’ll taking words and making it seem like I took a whole scheme or bar. None of the schemes or bars was nothing like ya’ll never heard before. Name one. Besides that,” he said about a Popeye’s-referencing lyric. “I’ll give ya’ll that. The opening shit.”

While on the show, John John also alluded that he knows of many battlers that steal lyrics outright but don’t receive the same type of criticism.

“I could sit there and expose a lot of fucking battle rappers,” he said. “A lot. But I’m not going to do that…I went at it with the niggas with the biggest fan bases when I first came in. I battled Hitman. Hollow. Surf. Big T at the time. Verb. I’m at it with all these niggas. So once niggas started saying, ‘Oh, you ain’t beat Hitman. You just flipped all his shit. You took his shit.’ What that created was a whole, ‘Fuck John John’ shit to some of their loyal fans. Some of their fans at the time could not fuck with me.”

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