As founder and CEO of Think It’s A Game Entertainment, Inc., G. “Fly” Henry has helped establish the careers of a number of Atlanta-based artists including Trinidad James, Rich Homie Quan, and ForteBowie.

While speaking exclusively with HipHopDX, Henry spoke in-depth on his relationship with both Trinidad James and Rich Homie Quan.

He first recalled linking up with Trinidad due to their work in the retail industry. The record label CEO says from there the Atlanta rapper gave him his CD and was given a deal shortly after he heard Trinidad’s project.

“We kinda built a relationship with each other,” G. “Fly” Henry said. “And when he started rapping I think I was the first person that he actually gave his first project to. And he gave me the project. He was like ‘I want you to just listen to it and tell me what you think.’ So, I was like ‘Alright.’ I actually met him at Lenox Mall and we sat in there. We talked for a minute and he gave me his CD…It was a different sound. Something I had never heard before. And my daughter she liked it just as well. You know what I mean? She’s 13…From there we ended up—I called him. I was like ‘Let’s do the deal.’”

G. “Fly” Henry later addressed Trinidad’s “eclectic” style, which he says the rapper flaunted prior to “All Gold Everything” stardom, before offering his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Trinidad’s comments about New York rappers.

“Trinidad has always been who he is,” he said. “He didn’t change up or like come into this new person and start dressing a certain way. That’s always been him. He’s always been like eclectic, fashionable, and that sort of thing…When he started doing music it all kinda came together…I wasn’t fazed. It’s just something that I felt like we had to come together and figure out how to fix it. It’s one of those things that in business you have to understand things are gonna happen. We’re in a people business. You’re dealing with humans and emotions. And so, you can’t tailor that…He said it. And maybe it wasn’t the right thing for him to say. And it definitely wasn’t the right time for him to say it. You know what I mean? But it’s something that happened. And what we had to do was discuss it, learn from it, and move on.”

After speaking on Trinidad, Henry recalled the moment he was introduced to Rich Homie Quan’s music while at a clothing boutique his little brother worked at. He says that after being impressed by Quan’s music he asked his brother if he could set up a meeting with the lyricist.

“That night we ended up meeting and talking,” the CEO said. “And I was just telling him ‘Man, your music is phenomenal. You got a story.’ He was just smiling, just laughing. Like ‘Man.’ I was like ‘What are you doing? What do you have going on?’ He was just pretty much like he just had recently got out of jail. And he just really wanted to focus on his music career…About a month later we ended up doing a deal. He just came to me. He was like ‘I’m ready.’ I was like ‘Alright, let’s do it.’ The crazy part about it is Quan doesn’t even write. Everything is off the top off his head.”

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