Visual artist Yung Lenox’s first major West Coast gallery show is slated to open today (May 8) at Los Angeles’ Gallery 1988 West. 

“L.A.’s Most Wanted,” presented by LRG, is set to feature more than 30 original works from the seven-year-old drawer. Yung Lenox is slated to unveil eight new pieces. The show is scheduled run through May 11.

The Seattle, Washington native gained viral attention for his drawings that depict Hip Hop culture.

Lenox has drawn his interpretation of such classic Hip Hop album covers as A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory and 2 Live Crew’s As Nasty As They Wanna Be. He has also drawn contemporary artists such as Chief Keef and Max B.

His early illustrations of The Notorious B.I.G., Juvenile, Cam’ron and Gucci Mane were presented during Frieze New York Art Week, when Lenox was five.

Lenox began drawing superheroes and his father suggested that Lenox draw Gucci Mane. Lenox, who reportedly draws for around half an hour a week, had his first solo show last summer in Seattle, according to L.A. Weekly.

Yung Lenox’s work is available for purchase via his website and can also be seen on his Instagram account. Additional information about the gallery can be found here.

Images of Yung Lenox and his work are as follows:

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