Speaking on the March 25 release of her California Sweetheart EP, Lil Debbie addressed the commercial reception of the short project and broached the subject of past opportunities to sign with a major label in a recent interview with VladTV.

Asked if she had ever been approached by a major record label for a possible signing, the former White Girl Mob member hinted that a deal was once in the works.

“I have,” she said. “It’s just about finding something that works for me…I wouldn’t say I turned it down. I would say we were trying to finesse it. A little finesse. It scares me. Labels scare me. I’ve seen what happens to people that do sign [to] labels. That money really isn’t shit. That money you owe back. I don’t want to owe a million dollars to anybody.”

“That’s a lot of fucking pressure,” she said when the interviewer clarified the label recoupment process. “I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of stress. That’s like a million on your head. I’m not ready for that yet. I’ve been doing it on my own for a minute. I like being able to take my own show money. Being like, ‘Yeah, all this bread.’”

Speaking on her own response to California Sweetheart sales, Debbie said she was surprised at the success. 

“Yeah, surprisingly I did okay,” she said. “I was like Top 10 for a second in the Hip Hop area of iTunes.”

With the interviewer following up with a question asking if she was pleased with the result, Lil Debbie largely shrugged it off.

“I’m really unphased by everything,” she said. “Maybe I should stop smoking so much weed. I don’t know what it is but I’m like, ‘Yeah. That’s tight, Top 10 on iTunes.’ I don’t know what the fuck that means. Like I guess it’s good number wise in the industry. I don’t know about this shit. It feels good. It’s cool. I’m really hard on myself. I feel like sometimes I need a label, sometimes I don’t want a label. It’s cool to be able to do that with no backing. Just been me parading around the streets.”

The rapper’s California Sweetheart EP was released on her own Lil Debbie Records imprint and features five original tracks.

California Sweetheart is me,” she said in an interview with Billboard before the release. “It’s not White Girl Mob. It’s not RiFF RaFF…It’s me, all by myself. That’s rare.”

“I’m just out here you know,” Debbie  said at the end of her interview with VladTV. “Touching the streets. Keeping it lit and live.”

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