Solange Knowles assaulted Jay Z in an elevator in the Standard Hotel in New York City, New York May 5. 

Footage of the altercation was released by TMZ yesterday (May 12) and today (May 13) says that Solange has removed the majority of the images of her sister Beyonce from her Instagram account. 

The only photo featuring Beyonce in the last 15 months is a photo of Solange, Beyonce and Melina Matsoukas. The caption is “Girls moment.”

Matsoukas is a video director who has helmed clips for Solange (“Losing You”), Beyonce (the “Her Story” commercial for Toyota, among others) and Rihanna (“S&M”), among others. 

At press time, Solange still follows Beyonce on Instagram.

Solange’s Instagram photo with Beyonce and Matsoukas from 15 months ago is as follows:


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