The Toronto Raptors had an official lint roller giveaway during Game 5 of the team’s playoff series yesterday (April 30) against the Brooklyn Nets. 

The Star reports that Bounce, a Procter & Gamble company, worked with the Raptors as its official lint roller supplier. 1,200 limited edition Raptors/OVO rollers were given away at the game. The tagline is as follows: “Bounce, helping keep Raptors and OVO fans lint free.”

Drake’s use of a lint roller during Game 2 became a trending topic on social media platforms. Charles Barkley, who works as an analyst for TNT, said “Who carries a lint brush with them?” when video footage of Drake’s lint rolling surfaced. A video clip of the lint rolling is below.

IKEA Canada, which is not associated with the Toronto Raptors, also announced that it would give away lint rollers before Game 5. “No lint in our house! We’re giving out IKEA lint rollers before tonight’s game. Details to come,” IKEA said via Twitter. 

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