Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh appear together in a photograph posted by producer Charles Pettaway.

The photograph, posted on Twitter April 25, features the emcee and producer who have worked with one another throughout their careers, though the two have not collaborated since their 2004 work on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter album.

In 2011, Fresh spoke about his ties to Wayne. “I still talk to [Lil] Wayne,” he said at the time. “I talked to dude like three days ago. I called him because he made a step that was so important to Hip Hop – I don’t know if you seen his latest YouTube video, where he’s telling the kids don’t do what he do, and the reason why he drunk syrup was because he thought [that since] we all grew up like that, we all grew up on UGK, and he thought it was the cool thing to do, so that’s why he did it. And he understands now that there’s a lot of people that’s following dude and doing what he does. And he was being sincere. Like, he said some cool shit, and I was just like, ‘Wow.’ So I called him myself and was like, ‘Hey dude, I’m proud of you. I’m super-proud of you for what you said and what you did.’ Because, you know, if I said that during our little reign when we was there it was taken as like, ‘Dude, you soft. You being soft right now.’ And I’m like, ‘Dude, this shit is real right now. It’s kids that do everything that we do.’ I’m not saying like my credibility is shot, or even losing credibility, by telling you like, dude, this is only entertainment. Don’t get it twisted.” 

In 2013, Baby addressed his relationship with Fresh.

“I’ve been talking to Fresh a lot,” Birdman said at the time. “We talk every other day. We been talking about doing music, so matter of fact we gonna get in. Me and Fresh ain’t got no problem. We never had no problem. It’s been a minute and we plan on working again.” 

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