With the public divorce of No Limit founder Master P and his wife Sonya Miller continually playing out in the media, TMZ recently questioned the couple’s son about his perspective on the proceedings. Speaking with rapper Romeo, TMZ asked what he thought about his mother’s request for a $67 million divorce settlement.

“Honestly I love my mom to death but we gotta work some things [out],” he said. “She gotta be a better parent. If she was a better parent than she could have everything. She get everything regardless. You gotta be a better parent. That’s the thing about life, you have kids…It’s life. People go through problems. I don’t care if you see anybody. When you become a celebrity, we got M-F’ers like ya’ll all in the business and wanna know what the damn problem is. I don’t even tell you the damn problem okay? Nah, but, nobody’s perfect. That’s the thing with my life right now…She deserve the world though but you gotta be a better parent.”  

Earlier this month TMZ reported that Miller had complained about Master P “abducting” two of their children. Miller’s request for an emergency custody hearing was apparently denied until a hearing in July.  

Romeo’s comments about his mother’s getting “everything regardless” seem to coincide with recently released court filings that reveal the couple’s shared valuable possessions. As reported by Yahoo Music earlier this week, Miller is currently seeking 37% of Master P’s approximately $178 million assets. In her request for a settlement, Miller’s court documents list the couple’s assets as including 31 real estate properties, more than a dozen cars, nearly 50 registered companies, and other valuables such as furniture and jewelry.

The same court documents apparently place a collective value of $136 million on businesses like No Limit Records, Master P, Inc., No Limit Forever, LLC, and more. The document also claims shared properties in Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Houston as carrying a value of $19 million.

Last month’s TMZ reports that Miller is on welfare and moved in with son Romeo have yet to be substantiated but claim Master P had yet to respond to her divorce petition at the time.

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