Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar was questioned by Vlad TV about a Korean man who was pictured in blackface in a photograph with Snoop Dogg, which went viral at the top of this year. While addressing the picture, Jamar first informed those watching that with his travel overseas he’s noticed that people in Asia “worship” black culture.

He then went on to state that because of their infatuation with black culture, the man who was dressed in blackface may have been paying tribute to black culture rather than mocking it.

“From going overseas and shit like that, I happen to know that Asian people—I mean, I’ve never been in Korea, but I’ve been to Japan. And I know they straight up worship some black shit,” Lord Jamar said. “So, when I see an Asian do something like that I honestly feel in my mind that it’s more out of reverence. And trying to actually salute in a way. Rather than a mockery and some sort of—as if a white person here in America did. You understand? Their whole history with it is totally different…They really might have dressed up thinking they were going to impress Snoop with that.”

Lord Jamar later brought “racial memory” into his conversation on the Korean man in blackface. He revealed that a Korean person in blackface isn’t the same as a white, American person in blackface because here in the United States most people are familiar with the controversial history behind blackface.

“You might even have a white guy. He didn’t intentionally do something, but you come from a country where that’s in your racial memory,” he said. “As a white person and a black person. It’s within our racial memory to know what blackface is in this country. Not necessarily in Korea… So yeah, I don’t know if I would have been offended by that. Coming from that particular person and their intentions…I feel like they come from a different culture, a different background, different intention.”

It was in January of this year when a smiling Snoop Dogg was pictured with a Korean man in blackface and a dreadlock wig. The picture was posted onto the rapper’s Instagram page along with the following caption, “Stunt double. Hahahahahah. This nigha here !!”

The picture of Snoop and his Korean fan can be found below (via Vlad TV).

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