Following comments last week about his view on Jay Z’s lyricism, a newly released VladTV interview segment with Papoose features the rapper’s thoughts on Drake’s Nothing Was the Same. Recalling comments he made on Twitter and Instagram last year, Papoose explained being “the only one who verbalized” feeling like the release was “sweet.”

“It was what it was,” he said. “It was what it was. Basically it was a Drake truck, Drake’s Cakes. I put it up or whatever and I said his album was sweet. A lot of people felt like that. That was the energy at the time about his album. That was the energy, I just spoke about it. Everybody was saying behind the scenes, ‘Yo, Drake’s album is sweet,’ but they scared to say it publicly. I’m not one of them dudes. Everybody feel like that album was sweet I just was the only one who verbalized it. Not to say he don’t make some good records from time to time, that particular album I feel like it was sweet. No big deal.”

Papoose’s original Twitter and Instagram posts are below.

Asked to clarify whether his criticism was directed at Drake’s R&B tendencies, Pap responded simply, “It was just a sweet album man.”

“I don’t wanna knock R&B,” he said. “I respect Rhythm and Blues, I just think overall it was sweet. I’m sure you heard people saying it around that time. It was basically the energy out there. But like I said, once again like I said, everybody’s scared to say it. So when I speak my mind I look like the villain, but whatever.”

Still, the Nacirema Dream rapper added that he does think Drake has a lyrical streak.

“Sometimes he get off,” he said. “I think he get off sometimes. You can’t deny that. I think sometimes he get off. But that particular project [was] what I was speaking about at that time when I made that comment. Not just him as an artist ‘cause he do have certain joints that I feel like he got off on. But that particular project, I feel like it was sweet, so I said it.”

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