Green Label has compiled a list of “10 Rappers And Their Hip Hop Influences.” 

“At one point in Hip Hop’s history, rappers were influenced by Jazz, Funk, Soul and Blues artists, as well as a slew of artists from other genres,” the article says. “The same holds true today, but now that Hip Hop has been around for some time, rappers primarily list other rappers as their musical influences.”

DMX and Eminem are two of the artists the article says influenced Kendrick Lamar.

“DMX and Eminem’s influences on Kendrick Lamar are immediately apparent on a track like Kendrick’s ‘Swimming Pools,’ where Kendrick employs an alter ego, which he identifies with a different voice and flow,” the story says. “These theatrics were the hallmarks of X and Em on tracks like ‘Damien’ and ‘Guilty Conscience,’ respectively. Additionally, the excellent technical abilities of both DMX and Em have clearly had an influence on K Dot as well.”

To view the entire list of “10 Rappers And Their Hip Hop Influences,” visit Green Label.