Bender, known as a battle emcee, says he gets to show a different side of himself in his songs.

“I find I get most of my aggressive, braggadocio out through battling so my music tends to be more conceptual and I use a lot of storytelling,” Bender says in an interview with HipHopDX. “For [‘Stonewall’], however, it’s a cut off Giant Gorilla Dog Thing’s new album Horse, which is available on vinyl at Pigfoodrecords, and it’s more of an all out fuck you type of verse to match what they brought to the table.” 

While Bender works on his music, he says he realizes many battle emcees don’t have songs to match their Battle Rap popularity. 

“I think battle rappers’ music gets a bad rap because it’s usually pretty bad,” Bender says. “It’s two very different skill sets.”

Bender mentions several battlers who make music he enjoys, Loaded Lux, Shotty Horroh and Marv Won, among them. Still, he adds, “I say the majority of battle rappers make bad music, but to be fair, I feel most rappers in general make bad music.” 

He’s crafting his own music now. He says he is working on Flight Distance’s Harmony Chlorine and his first solo album, 12 Stories To Plummet From

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