Bender is often celebrated for his use of multi-syllable rhyme schemes in his Battle Rap verses, which are often referred to as multis.

“A multi is just a rhyme that lines up at more than one point,” Bender says in an interview with HipHopDX. “So instead of rhyming ‘cat’ with ‘hat,’ you can rhyme things like ‘atomic bomb designer’ with ‘Robert Oppenheimer.'” 

Bender says he has been typecast as a “multi-rapper” since his battle against Miracle, where he began a rhyme scheme with “sorry, player.” During that battle, he used Schwarzenegger, torture chamber and 40 acres, among other rhymes, to go along with “sorry, player.” 

“That popped off with the crowd,” Bender says. “In [my] title match with Arcane, I did it again for 20 bars or something like that, but with all different multis, [like] Florida gator, Lord and savior, and got a big reaction. Then, since people said I couldn’t do it again, I brought it back in my title match with Sketch [Menace], rhyming Jordan trainers and board of labor.”  

He says the style of rapping isn’t always good. 

“I can understand the backlash that style gets because it’s overdone and it’s rarely done well,” Bender says. “I hear a lot of people rhyming straight nonsense for the sake of rhyming, but my shit is always fluid and coherent. I come up with a punchline first then write the pattern leading up to it. At the end of the day, though, I think the imagery I use is what most sets me apart from the rest of these bums.” 

Bender’s often admired other rappers who can use multis well, including rappers who weren’t known mainly for battling. 

“To me, Big Pun was and always will be the king of that writing style,” he says. “Capital Punishment was a game changer.”

Bender is set to battle Big T at this year’s Vendetta 2, an April 19 Battle Rap event set to be hosted by King Of The Dot. 

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