Following a shooting at the residence of Chief Keef’s manager’s rented house on March 26, police in Northfield, a village just north of Chicago, have reportedly identified a suspect they think is responsible for the crime.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the shooting left one unnamed 33-year old victim critically injured though he has since been released from a local hospital’s intensive care unit. The same article cites recently released Northfield documents as the source of news that a 911 call was made hours prior to the shooting incident. While it’s unclear if the two incidents are related, the 911 call made from the home reported an armed robbery.

Speaking on the status of the investigation, Northfield Police Chief William Lustig said that the department has “developed a person of interest that we’re looking for.” “Now, we’re trying to locate him,” he added.

The Chicago Tribune article also includes quotes and descriptions of neighbors’ continued complaints for Chief Keef’s manager’s house, citing more than 50 calls to police in relation to the property in less than a year. As per the Tribune, causes for neighborhood complaints have included “disruptive parties, fireworks, people yelling obscenities as they drove by the home, ATVs ripping up the lawn and ‘a distinct odor of marijuana in the air.’” Neighbors have also apparently connected some of their complaints to relevant videos and posts made on social media platforms and other outlets. Chief Keef allegedly frequented the property while in the area (he recently attended a court-ordered California drug rehabilitation).

Last week’s shooting has apparently fed further neighborhood complaints as local police closed the road temporarily shortly after the incident. Speaking on their response to the ongoing filed complaints, Police Chief Lustig said that the department “responded to the complaints and what we could do legally.”

Last month, shortly after completing his drug rehab, Chief Keef was pulled over in Illinois for expired tags and was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence. The rapper was released on $300 bail soon after.

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