In an interview with Complex promoting Off The Bat from the MLB Fan Cave, his upcoming MTV2 series, Sway Calloway revisited Kanye West’s “you don’t got the answers” moment on his Shade 45 radio show in November.

“The only reason that was different from—I’ve had confrontations with artists, you know, that I’m not gonna bring up because we’ve since squashed it, big names,” he said. “Difference is, it wasn’t the Internet, people wasn’t using the Internet at that time. It wasn’t filmed.

“With Kanye, I don’t even see that as a confrontation,” he added. “I’ve known Kanye for years. That was just one of the discussions that we had that got filmed. What he went on to say, beyond that, ‘What have you done in the past 10 years?’ Man, I was flattered by that ‘cause I been in the game 20.”

The initial interview took place November 26 when the Sway In The Morning host made a comment about the possibility of Kanye funding his own fashion industry ambitions. “How Sway?” the rapper said before yelling, “You ain’t got the answers, man. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t got the answers, Sway. I’ve been doing this more than you.”

Speaking on his upcoming MTV2 series, Off The Bat from the MLB Fan Cave, Sway explained wanting to try a new format for coverage of the sport. “We’ve never done a show like Off The Bat,” he said. “There hasn’t been a show like this that’s been done with MLB. You see me very relaxed. This is how it is. There’s no real answer to this. There’s no script. We got bullet points we need to hit to handle business, but if he wants to go off and spazz out and do a monkey dance or something like, scratch his nuts on TV and crack a joke, he can do that.”

Off The Bat will feature appearances and interviews with professional baseball players. The show is executive produced by Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz. Alongside Sway, MTV reports that the show will be hosted by Fat Joe and comedian Chris Distefano. The show will carry a weekly 30-minute episode format and will cover the lives and personalities of its guests as much as their MLB performance. 

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