In an interview with RealTalkNYVideo, Fabolous shared rough plans to release a new album this summer and talked about filming his latest video in Dubai.

“Record labels have its processes and stuff so you gotta work with that,” Fab said. “I’m looking towards like a summer release. It’s good, I put the mixtape out because I wanted to tighten a couple screws on the album and [I] put the mixtape out while I did that. I used that to build some energy, I think the energy have been building. I think people have been waiting but I feel like even I can’t give them something that I don’t feel is right so I always make sure that I’m completely one hundred percent comfortable with the product I’m putting out before I do. I think this summer will be that time.”

Fabolous’ upcoming Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power album was announced as far back as 2010 and has since experienced several push-backs and delays. In April of 2013, Fab visited BET’s106 & Park” and announced planned features from Rick Ross, Jeezy, and Chris Brown.

Speaking on the latest set of visuals from his Soul Tape 3 mixtape, Fabolous explained travelling to Dubai. “I dropped the ‘Young OG’ video,” he said. “I had a appearance in Dubai and I just thought it would be dope to capture some of the vibes over there. Dubai has some of the best things that you could vision, that you could see. It’s gonna make you feel a way. When you over there you feel rich even if you ain’t rich. It’s a luxurious place, it’s very clean, very disciplined, very modern. [A] place that if you have the chance I advise you to visit. You see in the video, you see a piece of what I saw there and you see how the video came out so imagine just going.” Fabolous’ “Young OG” was released earlier this week and is available below. 

During the interview Fab detailed plans for his next Soul Tape 3 video. “Next video is gon’ be probably ‘Cuffin Season,’” he said. “Just shot that, finished that. Should be an entertaining video, should be a dope video to look at and also learn from too, also laugh at. Should be getting different emotions from it but I think overall it’s a dope video.

“I hope every record that I do is received well,” he added. “‘Cuffin Season’ touched on a subject that was, I guess to most, getting out of control as far as the types of females that are out and about now. I think it touched on that in a comedic way, not judging…you don’t know what’s going on, it’s just what you see on the surface. Having some fun with it, making a good record out of it.”

Near the end of the interview, the Street Dreams emcee explained performing to international audiences. “It’s Hip Hop fans around the world, you’d be surprised,” he said. “You could do some Soul Tape joints, you could do some mixtape joints, whatever, they rock with you. Some of them know it word for word. Of course they know the old hits, it surprises you sometimes. This wasn’t my first time going but it’s surprising every time you go abroad or go on the other side of the planet and people know your stuff.”

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