Remy Ma says she would make changes to her debut album, 2006’s There’s Something About Remy: Based On A True Story

“If I would do it again, I’d also make it more polished,” Remy Ma says during an interview with Billboard. “I would also wait how they [Terror Squad] wanted me to, in order to make the numbers that it could have. I wanted the album to come out the day of the anniversary of [my mentor Big] Pun‘s passing because that day means so much to me. I’m like, ‘It has to come out this specific day.’ I didn’t want to push it back. I was being stubborn and pushing my weight around cause I had a little leverage then. I should have waited.”

Remy Ma, though, wanted to release her material while the Terror Squad song “Lean Back,” on which she appears, was one of the biggest songs in rap.

“[Fat] Joe used to give me advice on what to do and what not to do, but I didn’t listen,” Remy Ma says. “He guided me, but I didn’t listen to him. If I would have listened to him then, things would have been different now. If I would have listened to Joe half of the time…You don’t realize it at the time because when you’re young you think you know everything. There was a lot of conflict that could have been avoided. Sometimes when you have hit records out, you let that control your actions and affect your relationships.”

In May 2008, Remy was sentenced to eight years in prison. The rapper was charged with shooting an associate, Makeda Barnes-Joseph. 

At the time, Remy reportedly spoke to the judge about her life. “I’m not a thug,” she reportedly said. “I’m not a hard-core anything, I have feelings. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, big sister.”

In the Billboard article, Remy Ma says she has plans for music upon her release from prison.

“I have so much material that I’ve been working on and so many topics I want to touch on,” she says. “I’ve grown so much as a woman and as an individual. I know that I can bring something to the table that’s missing. I don’t hear the things that I want to say or have experienced; I don’t hear it in the music that’s out.”

Last month, Remy Ma’s husband, Papoose, said that she would be released from prison in July.

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