In 2008, Remy Ma was issued an eight-year prison sentence after the former Terror Squad emcee was found guilty of shooting an associate in the abdomen in Midtown Manhattan in 2007.

After winning her second appeal and looking forward to an ever-adjusting parole date, Remy recently called in to speak with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, and revealed her confirmed date of release.

“About twenty-two-and-a-half months,” revealed Remy, which would place the emcee in the general public in June 2014. “Yeah, been a little minute. Been almost five years that I’ve been gone. People had a lot of time to chill. It’s almost over. I’m gonna be back like I never left.”

Remy also discussed what her day-to-day life in Rikers Island Prison. “About 7:00 I get up, sometimes 7:20. I go to a program, they got a program that prepares me to go home…I come back around 11:00, then they count to make sure nobody’s left unannounced.”

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