Some say women can’t rap, but Remy Ma disagrees with that. She busts out the gate declaring “There ain’t a bitch as ill as me.” That’s quite a bold statement, but by penning intimate portraits of her life, showing versatility and an overall knack for rhyming, she’s not afraid to make such daring declarations.

The brightest spots on the album come when Remy candidly displays her inner thoughts and insecurities. Still reads like three diary entries rather than verses. Her introspection continues on “Crazy” where we see a vicious “new breed of female.” On the Keyshia Cole assisted “What’s Going On,” we view a vulnerable Ma. The latter also exposes beautifully insightful story telling as she covers the topic of abortion. Creative penmanship continues to shine on “Guilty,” where we hear a tragic tale of a hit-and-run accident.

Understanding that an album can’t be solely meditative, the woman partly responsible for radio-hits like “Lean Back” puts her heels on for the clubs. On the Swizz Beats produced “Wuteva,”  she creates an infectiously catchy tune, “Lights, Camera, Action”  is an ode to old-school Hip-Hop block parties with a refreshing 2006 twist. After the clubs, she goes into the world of romance with Ne-Yo on “Feels So Good Later, Big Pun joins Remy on “Thug Love”  over an elegantly soulful Alchemist beat.

She hits the streets with a few tracks with less inspiring results. “Secret Location” is your average “I’ma Hustla” track. Fat Joe joins her on “Tight,”  and Ivy Queen hooks her up on “Bilingual.” Neither of those guests meet expectations. Adding to the mediocrity, “Conceited” seems as corny as “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.

Still, her lyrics are rarely wack. She throws in clever punch-lines whenever possible. On “She’s Gone,” Remy analyzes the mainstream game and claims: “I think there’s truth to that sex sells shit/ because bitches is so pussy, niggas is just dicks. With fresh rhymes and inspiring stories, her presence shines as she narrates through thought-provoking real-life tales. Much like with Mystic, Jean Grae and other ill females in the game, There’s Something About Remy dispels any doubts placed on women in rap. Haters: “Lean back.”