Vita, who rapped alongside Ja Rule and Ashanti for years, says Murder Inc. was unable to live up to its full potential.

“I don’t think the we, as a crew, got to go as far as we were supposed to because, mostly, everyone was scared of the game,” Vita says in an interview with Billboard. “We couldn’t do in-stores cause of the name. There was a lot backlash.”

Vita began working with Murder Inc. due to her work under Hype Williams, who managed her. Hype also directed Belly, a film featuring Nas and DMX, which also included Vita as one of DMX’s love interests. 

Vita Discusses Role In Hype Williams’ Belly 

“They were looking for a 16-year old who was feisty for Belly,” she says. “I auditioned three times and got the role of DMX’s girl on the side. When I got the role, I thought I was [going to be] doing more but when the movie got cut, there was only a bedroom scene and car scene. I went and told my mom that I didn’t want people to look down on me  because of the role and she reassured me that it was just a role. There was a backlash. Some said, ‘Why do black women have to get on screen and do certain things? White women do it too though.’ People aren’t going to love everything you do. There was backlash against the movie. They were saying it was more violent than the average movie that was playing at the time. Hype [Williams] spent a lot of his own money on the movie. It wasn’t in all movie theaters because of the backlash.”

Vita Announces Pre-Cumm Mixtape

Vita says she is now working on her Pre-Cumm mixtape. “The title was for shock value,” she says. “I’m sitting over 50 songs that I recorded instead of chasing the industry.”

She says she is working with different rappers, including Da Drat, on various projects. 

Vita is also working on what she calls “a sexy and classy lingerie line.” She’s also working on a book and a reality television series.

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