While speaking with The Huffington Post earlier this year, Prodigy of Mobb Deep revealed that the group’s upcoming album, The Infamous Mobb Deep, would include unreleased songs from their 1995 album, The Infamous. The Queensbridge duo spoke further on those unreleased tracks during an interview with Complex at South By Southwest.

According to Prodigy, the unreleased records were sitting in storage and will serve as a celebratory addition to The Infamous Mobb Deep. Additionally, Prodigy says while perusing through the unreleased The Infamous records, they came across verses from Ghostface Killah and fellow Queens emcee Nas.

“It was our way of just celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Infamous album,” Prodigy said. “Giving the fans something special to celebrate with us.”

“We was actually shooting the documentary on The Infamous album,” Havoc added. “And we had got the opportunity to get our hands on a lot of the work. So, it was like it just all correlated. You know what I mean? 20th anniversary, we doing the documentary. So, we had a lot of the original sessions. So, I mean, listening back to them it was just like mind-blowing to hear stuff that I didn’t even remember was there. Verses from Ghostface that I forgot he laid…or verses from Nas. That’s something that—Why keep it to yourself? We had to share that.”

With well over twenty years in the rap game, the duo were asked about the key to longevity. In regards to longevity, Havoc says it is their passion for music that has kept Mobb Deep going strong for over two decades.

“The love that we have for the music,” Havoc said. “You know what I mean? We true, real artists. Like we just don’t do this to have songs on the radio. And we not chasing spins. This is our craft. This is what we do. This is what we love. So, it just reflects in our music.”

The Infamous Mobb Deep is currently slated for release on April 1 via Infamous Records/Red. Both the cover art and tracklist for the project, which will be a double album, were released over the last few weeks.

Following the release of The Infamous Mobb Deep, the Queensbridge duo is scheduled to begin their “The Infamous Mobb Deep Tour.” The tour is slated to begin on May 2 and will make stops in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, New York, and dozens of other cities.

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