In an interview at the MTVu Woodie Awards, Australian singer/rapper Iggy Azalea spoke with Complex about her upcoming The New Classic album, what fans can expect from the release, and encouraging T.I. to branch out in his acting career.

Asked to provide a little-known fact about T.I., who has reportedly acted as the Executive Producer on Azalea’s upcoming release, the “Change Your Life” rapper explained encouraging her mentor to try and secure more diverse acting roles. “I know that I think he may play an alien one day in a film,” she said. “I been trying to push T.I. to move beyond his role of drug dealer. I think he’s taking it really serious and he told me that he’s gonna get an accent coach so that he can do different accents. You may not know that about T.I., he takes his acting very seriously. I think maybe one day we might see him have a crazy role.”

Speaking on her album, which is scheduled for an April 15 release as of now, Azalea explained how the long recording process has yielded a variety of sounds. “It took so long to make it that I went through so many different periods,” she said. “Some stuff is really Electronic, other stuff is super Hip Hop sounding, some slower, almost sounds like something you could sing or more melodic. I went through so many different periods and I kind of picked the best or my favorite from all of those. I guess in a way, sonically, it’s very jumbled but still dynamic…It’s more of a journey of my life than something sonic.” The Island Def Jam signee also gave Complex an idea of the type of features The New Classic will carry. “I have Mavado on a song, that should be good, called ‘Lady Patra,’” she said. “Charli, Tip, I have a song with Rita Ora that Katy Perry actually wrote the hook on with us. I’m excited.”        

Responding to a question about her recent video featuring Charli XCX, Azalea explained how the visual concept came from a long-held love for a 1995 movie. “To be fair, me and my friends—all of my friends that have vaginas—have been very obsessed with Clueless for a long time,” she said. “We always sit at home and say, ‘Oh my god, wouldn’t it be so cool to recreate Clueless.’ When I did ‘Fancy’ with Charli I just kind of thought it would be the perfect opportunity or excuse to do that.

“It’s always so much fun to do a collaboration with a female because you get to do dance routines and wear costumes, it’s like a big kind of sleepover, it’s just so much fun,” she added. “Working with guys is cool but usually the song has to be sexy and then you have to fake kiss. So it’s much better with a girl.”

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