During his King of the Dot battle against Loe Pesci in 2013, Daylyt put his hands down the front of his pants and appeared to fondle his genitals for a few seconds. He then turned to his opponent, Pesci, and wiped his hand on the side of his face and the top of his head. Many criticized Loe Pesci for not punching Daylyt for this act.

Recently, Loe Pesci appeared on the first episode of The Don’t Flop Show, a talk show created by Don’t Flop Entertainment, to discuss the Daylyt incident.  

“It’s fucked up, man,” Loe Pesci says. “On the spot, when that shit happened, I was not expecting something like that to happen…He wants me to choke in the battle. He wants to throw me off. He wants me to swing on him so we get a million views and we on Worldstar and all that shit. So, I’m thinking…he wants to dictate the battle…The last thing he wants is me to spit these three rounds without fuckin’ up and unfazed. In a way, I don’t regret doing that because that’s what I showed up to do.” 

Loe Pesci Says He Would Punch Daylyt If He Could Go Back To Their Battle

Loe Pesci says he did not choose to punch Daylyt because he never felt his security was in question during the match-up, but says he has other thoughts about it now. 

“After the battle happened, everybody was like, ‘How come you didn’t swing on him?'” Loe Pesci says. “It was a split-second decision. Do you shut down the event, punch this guy in the face and throw out these three rounds? I actually spent more time writing for this battle than I have on other battles because I thought this battle would probably get more views or whatever…And I kind of rated Daylyt before this shit happened because on some personal shit, that’s some bullshit ’cause, reality-wise, I didn’t do nothing to deserve that. But things happen the way they do and you have to roll with the punches…If I could go back, I probably would swing on him because I’ve seen so many different peoples’ opinions that after that, people kind of see you differently. I don’t feel it makes more of a man for me to swing on him. I feel it actually takes more to not.” 

Loe Pesci was one of four battlers profiled on the first episode of The Don’t Flop Show. He joined Caustic, Rone and Knamelis on the program, which is hosted by Eurgh. 

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