Last week, after they were prompted by numerous negative comments made by Game over social media, TMZ dropped what they called an “early demo” version of a verse and accompanying instrumentals Game did for Ray J’s song “I Hit It First.”

Now, the Los Angeles-based rapper is claiming he never recorded a verse for the song and says he is only friends with the Kardashian sisters. Taking to Twitter today (March 2), Game confronted the situation, tagging on a Complex Music tweet explaining that TMZ took an old verse from something else and putting it on the song.

“Man stop, some 1 took a old verse & put it on there,” Game tweeted at the end of Complex Music’s tweet questioning whether or not he recorded that verse for “I Hit It First.”

Game made disparaging comments about TMZ the other day including calling them “messy” and claiming that they “fuck up people’s families for headlines.”


“I Hit It First” is a song created by Ray J and is a supposed diss of Kanye West, which alludes to Ray J’s past relationship with Kim Kardashian and publicly released sex tape of the two. It is worth noting that Game never makes mention of Kim during the verse.

Listen to the verse below:

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