Taylor Gang rapper Ty Dolla $ign is reportedly working on his next project, which may be his debut album.

Recently sitting down with The Lesbakeradio Show, the Los Angeles native dished out some details regarding the project and its make-up.

“The album’s going to be called Free TC, it’s dedicated to my lil bro, all the homies in prison that’s wrongfully imprisoned,” Ty Dolla $ign said when asked about what he is currently working on. “It’s like a lot of people that end up like that just end up getting twisted and washed so like this is basically dedicated to him and I’m going to use the money to get him the greatest lawyer.”

Ty revealed a couple of high-profile West Coast collaborations he plans to have on the project and says the production on it is “crazy.”

“It’s going to be crazy,” he said when further detailing Free TC. “So far I got Kendrick [Lamar] on there. I’m definitely going to have the homies on there–YG, Joe Moses, TC, Taylor Gang, you already know and the production’s crazy. It’s going to sound like… When you close your eyes, you’re watching a movie… I get beats from everybody but I produce every single song.”

Finally, Ty discussed the rise of some of his West Coast counterparts and detailed the making of his “Sorry Mama” track.

“It feels good to see… we really just started from nothing and to see YG’s shit just fold open is incredible. At first [DJ Mustard] wasn’t doing beats, now he has most of the beats on the album. That “Sorry Mama” song, we did that in Atlanta [laughs], so we traveling, working in other places. It’s crazy man, God is great.”

Ty Dolla $ign released his last project last month with Beach House EP. Previously he released his last full-length effort with Beach House 2 in July of last year.

Watch the full interview with Ty Dolla $ign below:

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