Nearly four years after the duo known as Capone-N-Noreaga released their last studio album, The War Report 2, the pair are prepared to release yet another project. Before bringing out Capone for a surprise appearance on MTV’s “RapFix Live” this week, NORE revealed that C-N-N have completed a new EP titled, War In One Night.

According to NORE, the project was created in just one night, a feat that contributed to the EP’s title.

“It was so organic and it was so real. I think what happened was, my man Capone we love him, but he didn’t have a passport for like three years,” he said. “And we was getting a lot of European money. European money’s good…So, Pone finally got his passport back and he hit me and he said ‘Well, we might as well make some new music.’ So, we did a whole EP in one night. When he told me he was ready, I wasn’t ready. Then I hit him, I said ‘You ready?’ And he said ‘yeah.’ So, I did the whole EP. I sent it to him. He sent me back the whole EP. So, we got a Capone-N-Noreaga album dropping, EP…It’s called War In One Night. Because we really went to war in one night.”

In addition to War In One Night, NORE is also preparing for the release of his next studio album. Titled Dyslexia, the project will serve as what the Queens rapper says will be his second to last album. With Dyslexia serving as one of NORE’s final projects, he also discussed his plans for retirement, a retirement that was brought on by his desire to leave the game gracefully.

Dyslexia, that should be my next to last album,” NORE said. “Dyslexia is an album that…This is my album that shouldn’t have been made. Facts. I don’t want to play the game. I don’t want to have a radio single because that’s what’s to do…I want to do everything I want to do to leave this game and bow out gracefully…I am retiring. I want to retire. I don’t want to—I love the game. I don’t want to play the game. I don’t know if that makes sense. I’m at a level where I don’t have to ask for shows. I can get shows for the rest of my life…I can get money probably for the rest of my life, but I just play the game real. If a person asks me to do something I do it. If a person asks me to be there I be there. And I’m just real true. And a lot of the things that happen in this game nowadays isn’t the way I visualized it being. So, I would rather step back and bow out gracefully at the top of my game.”

NORE later revealed his plans to work with producer Pharrell Williams again. He didn’t offer any added details about his project with Pharrell, but did inform viewers that Pharrell is in “mix mode.”

“I don’t know if people really pay attention to Pharrell career, but every time he has that crazy run he gives me that first record. So, he gave me [‘Lawwwddd’],” he said. “It didn’t work out this time. It didn’t go platinum like all our other records…He called me the other day. It was scary. I was like ‘We going again? I’m not ready’…But he’s in mix mode. I’m in CEO mode. And we have something that I cannot talk about.”

In addition to 2013’s “The Problem (Lawwwddd),” NORE has worked with Pharrell on several occasions in the past. Along with his The Neptunes partner Chad Hugo, Pharrell produced the N.O.R.E. standout record “Superthug.”

NORE’s last solo album, Student Of The Game, was released last year and included guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Scarface, Pusha T, and a number of other artists.

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