Today (February 13), it was reported that Drake criticizes and champions Jay Z and Kanye West in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. However, Drake has issued a statement on Twitter in which he denies at least one portion of the interview. 

“I never commented on Yeezus for my interview portion of Rolling Stone,” Drake says in a Twitter update. “They also took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue…I’m disgusted with that. RIP to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil.”

Drake’s criticism for the press was followed by a promise regarding future interviews. 

“I’m done doing interviews for magazines,” he says. “I just want to give my music to the people. That’s the only way my message gets across accurately.” 

In the Rolling Stone piece, Drake is quoted as saying that there are “questionable bars” on Kanye West’s Yeezus. “There were some real questionable bars on there,” Drake was quoted as saying. “Like that Swag-hili line? Come on man, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that.” 

To read more about the upcoming Rolling Stone interview, click here.


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