Earlier in the week Brownsville, Brooklyn duo M.O.P. released “Street Certified,” a record featuring fellow New York City lyricists Mobb Deep. The record, which serves as a first for M.O.P. and Mobb Deep, was one of a handful of collaborations the duo discussed during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

While appearing on the Whoolywood Shuffle, Billy Danze informed listeners that they’re still on good terms with those at G-Unit and even stated that 50 Cent, along with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, may appear on a future M.O.P. album.

“Here’s the thing Whoo Kid, when you [move] the kinda deals between these caliber of niggas, it’s always gon’ be a good deal,” Danze said. “You know what I’m saying? Like regardless of the status of what the records are, if we putting records out or not, you know what it is. It’s always been a good vibe between M.O.P. and G-Unit. And it’s gonna stay the same way. You know what I’m saying? That’s it. You may get Fif on a few records in the future on a new M.O.P. album. Banks, Yayo, and all those cats. You never know. So, what you gonna have to do is buy the God damn album and see. How about that?”

The Brooklyn duo revealed that they’re also up for a collab with Remy Ma, an artist who will reportedly be released from prison in the near future.

Additionally, Billy Danze offered a few details in regards to their newly-released record, “Street Certified.” Produced by Fame, under his Fizzy Womack moniker, the record features Havoc and Prodigy of Mobb Deep and serves as the first time the two groups have created a song together.

“My man Fizzy Womack is always something special when it comes to a track,” he said. “For those cats that don’t know cause you know a lot of cats know him—cause Fame is an artist, but he’s an all-around artist. You know what I’m saying? Like he does beats and he’s crazy with the lyrics. So, the beat is so hard dog like it’s ridiculous. Havoc fell in love with it as soon as I sent it to him. And it feels like some Mobb Deep shit. And really Mobb Deep and M.O.P. have never ever done a record together.”

Details on a new M.O.P. album remain scarce, but during an interview with OFIVE last year, DJ Premier revealed that he has worked with the duo on their new album.

“Just did a couple of joints for Busta Rhymes for his new album…I did Slaughterhouse,” Premier said. “We’re about to drop a record for the streets. So, lookout for that. I’m working with Joey Bada$$ on his new album. So, we’ll be doing some new stuff that we got rocking with. M.O.P. album. New M.O.P. album, we’re working on that.”

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