Producer DJ Premier has put in decades worth of work in Hip Hop as both a producer and a deejay, but the Brooklyn musician seemingly has no plans on slowing down. During an interview with the French-based OFIVE, Premier rattled down a lengthy list of artist he’s currently working with.

Consisting of artists from “different generations,” Premier’s list of artists he’s currently collaborating with includes teen emcee Joey Bada$$, Brownsville, Brooklyn duo M.O.P. and former Death Row Records lyricist Lady Of Rage, among others.

“Just did a couple of joints for Busta Rhymes for his new album…I did Slaughterhouse,” Premier said. “We’re about to drop a record for the streets. So, lookout for that. I’m working with Joey Bada$$ on his new album. So, we’ll be doing some new stuff that we got rocking with. M.O.P. album. New M.O.P. album, we’re working on that. Also, working with Lady Of Rage, who used to be on Death Row. But she’s doing an album too with me and Snoop Dogg is gonna help executive produce that and oversee the project. So, I’m looking out for that. Also, MC Eiht from Compton’s Most Wanted. We’re doing an album. So, you see I work with different generations.”



DJ Premier also criticized the current generation of rap artists and commented on the bar his generation set constantly being lowered.

“It’s hard to say a lot of artists are dope these days cause they just—their lyrics is just weak,” said the producer. “You know what I’m saying? Because we still where we set the bar way up here. Now they set the bar very low. And there has to be a skill to your rapping, your beats, your deejaying, everything. No one even scratches their own records anymore, but we do because that’s the way we were brought up on. With hearing scratching, rhyming, and dope beats.”

Although DJ Premier got his start in music in the ’80s, the producer continues to work with a number of current artists. Premier produced Game’s The R.E.D. Album track “Born In The Trap” and is reportedly working on projects from Nas and Harlem wordsmith Immortal Technique. Premier also produced Joey Bada$$’ Summer Knights single “Unorthodox.”

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