Kendrick Lamar says Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Grammy wins were “well deserved.” During a recent interview with XXL, Lamar spoke about why he feels this way. 

“It’s well deserved,” Lamar said. “He did what he did, man. He went out there and hustled and grinded.” 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won four Grammy Awards this year, including one for Best Rap Album. While many, including Macklemore, have said that Kendrick Lamar was deserving of a Grammy Award, Kendrick discussed his perspective on the matter with XXL

“Everything happens for a reason,” Lamar, who was nominated for seven Grammys, said. “The universe comes back around. That’s how it go.” 

Macklemore posted a screenshot of his text message to Kendrick Lamar shortly after the Grammys came to a close. In his text message, Macklemore said he felt Lamar was “robbed” at the Grammys. The following day, Macklemore also said that he and Ryan Lewis had “an unfair advantage” at the Grammys, “due to race.” 

“In terms of the people that are voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot,” Macklemore said. “This is not like a RapRadar poll, like a 2DopeBoyz poll. This is not a Hot 97 poll. This is the Grammys. This is many different types of people. All different age groups filling out a ballot where they might not necessarily know the genre.” 

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