Homeboy Sandman posted a message on Facebook today (January 24) in which he blasted Rap Genius

“please no tagging or posting any alleged ‘homeboy sandman lyrics’ from rapgenius to this page,” the rapper wrote on his Facebook page. “those disrespectful irresponsible dicks seemingly purposefully publish ‘lyrics’ to my songs that are so horrifically incorrect that it seems whoever transcribed them was listening to two songs at once. i have never written a a single lyric that makes no sense when written as prose. not even one. so, certainly not most. those clowns will have you think i’m just blurting out random words. they create ‘verified artist’ pages without ever contacting the artists that people then think have verified something. they have no concern whatsoever for grossly misrepresenting people’s art. if you want homeboy sandman lyrics, listen to the song and figure them out. (and if what you figure out makes no fuckin sense, then listen closer) or wait until i post them here as i often do. or buy First of a Living Breed that comes with a lyric book, or Chimera that has all of the lyrics superimposed on the cover. these rapgenius assholes are so disrespectful that even though so many of my lyrics are readily available because i myself have made them public, they don’t even care to double check. ‘who cares if we’re making it appear like homeboy sandman makes no fuckin sense. as long as we’re getting site clicks.’”

Rap Genius has been under fire lately from other sources, too. In November, the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) sent 50 sites take-down notices requesting lyrics sites to either obtain licenses to publish lyrics or remove copyright lyrics from their sites. Rap Genius, which added Nas as an advisor in 2012, was among the sites targeted by the NMPA, even though Rap Genius Co-Founder Ilan Zechory said his company had not heard from the NMPA at the time.

Later in November, Rap Genius struck a deal with Sony/ATV publishing

Earlier this month and after a dispute in which Rap Genius self-deemed themselves as overstepping their boundaries and deserving “to get smacked,” Google reinstated Rap Genius’ SEO rankings.

On Wednesday, Rap Genius says that is has struck a deal with Universal Music Group to publish lyrics from its artists.

Homeboy Sandman’s Facebook post about Rap Genius today is as follows: 

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