Queen Latifah made headlines when she was recently quoted saying that OutKast is set to work on a new album. Now, Latifah says that she never predicted an OutKast album would be made. 

Latifah made this declaration on Twitter yesterday (January 16), also apologizing for getting “Twitter a flutter.” Latifah’s Twitter post follows several reports, including one from Huffington Post, which featured her saying that OutKast was slated to work on a new album. 

“They’re chilling,” Queen Latifah reportedly said of OutKast during an interview with Howard Stern, as per Huffington Post and MTV, among others. “They’re doing movies. They’re about to work on a new album.”

OutKast recently announced a festival run that is slated to include more than 40 dates, but the duo has not announced or confirmed album plans. 

Latifah’s Twitter post can be found below. 

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