OutKast has announced that it is scheduled to return to the stage as a duo for more than 40 concert dates. The announcement, which was made on the group’s official Facebook page, follows news that the OutKast emcees are slated to co-headline Coachella and the Governor’s Ball.  

“Outkast will return to the stage with a full festival run of over 40 dates to celebrate 20 years since Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik,” the Facebook post reads. 

The official announcement also comes with a statement from Andre 3000 about the group’s return.

“Returning to the stage together is the most exciting way for us to thank everyone for their 20 years of supporting OutKast,” Andre said. 

Big Boi echoed Andre’s sentiments.  

“I’m looking forward to rocking the stage with my Bro Ski and to all the fans, stank you smelly much,” Big said. “This is for y’all.” 

Tour dates are set to be announced soon, according to the post. 

In April 1994, OutKast released Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, the duo’s debut album. The LaFace Records release features “Git Up, Git Out,” “Ain’t No Thang,” “Hootie Hoo” and the original and reprise versions of “Player’s Ball.” The “Player’s Ball” music video can be found below.

The official post can be seen below.


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