Kid Ink collaborated with Chris Brown on “Show Me” and “Main Chick,” two cuts from the singer-rapper’s recently released My Own Lane album, which is the #3 album in the country. 

Although this is their most high-profile work together, the two have collaborated on other material. “He already collabed with me when I was independent, but you know some independent things get under the rug,” Kid Ink says during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “So we built a relationship just sending each other videos and just different stuff like that and in the city, because we live in LA…We built a cool relationship and when I hit him up through DM, I didn’t have his number at the time, he was like book a session because, I was like,’You want me to send it through email or book a session’, and he was like, ‘Yo book a session. Like why would I do the email thing?’ He only lives 15 minutes from me.”

Kid Ink says that he was impressed with Brown’s house. “You go to the crib and it’s like six Lambos in front of the crib,” Kid Ink says. “Then you walk in and it’s crazy. It’s three tattoo artists on the wall tattooing. Chris was spray painting on the wall and it’s crazy.” 

Kid Ink goes on to discuss the process recording “Main Chick,” which has been released in multiple versions. “I went home confident with the records we had,” he says. “I did three records with Chris Brown that night, and we had three records left. We were going through so many different things trying to get this tracklist and he ended up putting it on his [X Files EP] tape, which was not the same version that I had on the album.

“He had the one he had from the original session,” Kid Ink continues. “You know, I respect that, because that was just, it’s a co-sign. I feel like it’s just letting people know that he’s not just rocking with me on some label stuff, even though we label mates. It’s really like, I can hit him up, and go to the crib and chill and all that.”

While working with Chris Brown on My Own Lane was a natural progression of their relationship, Kid Ink was particularly excited to record with Pharrell.

“I had the session with Pharrell and that was on my bucket list, since I was a kid,” he says. “That was crazy just being in the studio, and wondering all my life, how does Pharrell make beats? Then I got to see him make two of them, and then I got to record two of them. You know what I’m saying? You can’t ask for much more than that…At the end of the day, the biggest thing from that session, Pharrell was leaving, and he said ‘Yo, before I leave man, I just want to tell you, I get it. I understand you as an artist.’ I was just like man. That just means, continue doing what you doing. From somebody whose had the top two records of last summer, or last year period.”

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