King of the Dot’s Organik is gearing up up for “Blackout 4,” an event slated to feature several battlers, including a co-headlining match-up between Big T and Bender. The battle is set to be Chicago, Illinois battle rapper Big T’s debut on the King of the Dot (KOTD) stage and Bender’s return to a stage he’s known for years. 

“Bender hasn’t battled in KOTD in almost two  years,” Organik says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “This battle is like his returning party. He took some time off, traveled and took some battles I personally don’t think he should have taken. He’s a high-caliber rapper and was being used as a way for other leagues to develop some of their names. I just personally think he’s above that and he’s proved that he is. Those battles didn’t do him any favors and I think he now understands that. He had his fun travelling and I’m glad its out of his system ’cause he’s now got the biggest battle of his life on the biggest stage he’ll have ever been on. KOTD has changed a lot since Bender was last here. This is considered his stomping grounds. He has the hometown advantage, but Big T is coming to take off his head and he needs to make sure he’s out do to the same.” 

Organik Says Charron Is Just Hitting His Prime

Another Canadian battler set to make an appearance on “Blackout 4’s” stage is Charron, who made headlines in 2013 when he denounced BET for its refusal to follow through on their “Hip Hop Awards” cypher award. Charron has been seen as a battler who is worthy of a King of the Dot title shot, a shot he has not been awarded as of yet. Organik also spoke about why patience has been good for Charron. 

“Charron is in a very good position right now,” Organik says. “I’m one of those firm believers that it’s better to build than to rush. Charron is just starting to hit his prime. That’s a scary thought. He’s learning to adjust to being looked at as a champion without being a champion. That’s gonna help develop him mentally for when the time is right.” 

Organik recently spoke with HipHopDX about “Blackout 4” and its plan to innovate in the Battle Rap field.  

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