Maejor Ali, who has worked with Iggy Azalea, Trey Songz and Wiz Khalifa, among others, recently spoke about how his Juicy J and Justin Bieber collaboration “Lolly” came to be. 

“The cool thing with both of them is that they both liked the song independently of each other,” Maejor says in an interview with MySpace. “It wasn’t a label set up. I played it for them. They liked it and they wanted to do a verse on it. That made it a lot easier on that side. They’re very creative people and have their own style. And they added a twist to it, which I think really helped it. But yeah, they’re pretty easy to work with, and it was pretty organic of a process.” 

Maejor Ali also referred to this collaboration as a “dream come true” in the interview. 

Beyond “Lolly,” Ali says he is slated to work on more selections for Justin Bieber’s new album. 

“I’ve been working with producing Justin’s new music, and we’ve been doing a lot with him,” Ali says. “I’m so busy working that I haven’t been listening to much of anything else.” 

In December, Tyga’s “Wait For A Minute” was released. The track features Justin Bieber and it is produced by Ali

Ali’s “Lolly” music video can be viewed below. 

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