DOOM, who is part of Clarks’ Originals Pioneers 2014 campaign, is part of a preview video and mini-documentary released by the footwear and apparel company. 

“Only rich cats had these back in the day,” DOOM says in Clarks’ mini-documentary regarding his shoes, which are slated to be released March 13. “They always had a classy yet casual look to them. I was trying to think, ‘What can I add with a Metal Face touch to it without taking away from that feel?’ So we added the reflective piping to the laces, stitching around, a couple little insignias, but it’s still the original joint.” 

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Clarks also published the news on its website.

“DOOM’s first job as an Originals Pioneer was to co-create a new version of his favorite Clarks Originals shoe,” Clarks says on its site. “He was quick to choose the Wallabee – a shoe that boasts a long heritage with hip hop. DOOM has carefully considered every element of this design, from the reflective, metal-like stitching, to the mask logo embossed in to the heel of the shoe.”

This is not the first time DOOM has worked in footwear. In July 2013, Green-Label published a retrospective about DOOM’s signature shoe with Nike SB, the skateboarding branch of the Nike brand.

“Like MF Doom, these Nike SB High Tops are fresh, limited, and a must-have for any MF Doom fan,” Green-Label said at the time. “The shoe features a nice combination of dark shades utilizing blacks, grays, and silvers. Doom added some flavor with contrasting red laces with ‘Doom’ stitched on the ankle along with a custom mask logo on the tongue. Through the outsole, a drawing of a villain wearing Doom’s mask can be seen. If you haven’t already copped these, please make sure to go out and grab some as I promise you wont regret it.”

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