After several public statements about Drake throughout 2013, Lord Jamar recently spoke with VladTV and told the site that the perceived beef between the Toronto rapper and Kendrick Lamar should result in a battle.

“I mean, shit, ya’ll niggas, go ahead and battle,” Lord Jamar said. “Why not? Like, ya’ll got some sort of emcee beef? Then battle, you know what I mean? ‘Cause that’s all it could be, ya’ll are not tough guys and all of that where you’re gonna need to be fighting and all that type of shit. That shit is corny anyway. So, you both feel like ya’ll some sort of lyrical prodigies and all that, show and prove.”

When questioned about who he thinks would win the hypothetical battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Lord Jamar favored the Nothing Was The Same rapper. “You know, I’m gonna be honest, I’m more acquainted with Drake’s lyrics than I am of Kendrick’s lyrics. He be saying some shit. Almost always kills it. I might have to fuck with Drake. I might have to go with Drake. And it ain’t about light-skin,” Jamar said with a laugh, “it’s just I’m a little more acquainted with his shit. I don’t know, yeah, I think I would go with Drake. Send me some more of Kendrick’s shit maybe I’ll change my mind later.“

Lord Jamar’s interview with VladTV ended with the Brand Nubian emcee siding with his interviewer in the view that Drake is a better all-around talent. “Probably all around, he probably is,” Lord Jamar said. “At the end of the day that’s what it’s about,” he said, referencing an artist’s ability to make songs. “It’s not about how well you can rhyme, to me it’s about making songs too. You got rappers and you got songwriters, and not all rappers are good songwriters. That’s why a lot of these freestyle dudes and battle dudes, they can’t really make a song to save they life.”

In December, Lord Jamar told VladTV that neither Drake or Kendrick Lamar represent the type of “Alpha male shit” required of Hip Hop performers in the ‘80s and ‘90s. “Drakes and your fucking Kendrick Lamars and all these softer type of dudes. [Drake], he can rhyme and all that, but trust me, he wouldn’t have popped off in the ‘80s or ‘90s. Dudes would have looked at him as too soft.” He later clarified his position by adding that he thinks Drake is a talented rapper. “I think he can rhyme his ass off,” Lord Jamar said. “He got a nice singing voice and all of that, but does he represent the Alpha males? No. Is he the type you could see on the block runnin’ some shit? No. Was he one of those dudes running around the hood and got his name ringing bells and all that shit? No.”

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