K-Sise, a rapper featured on Dateline NBC’s web-exclusive track “I Can’t Breathe,” recently spoke with HipHopDX about how he became involved with the news program.

“I have known Izhar Harpaz, the producer of the episode titled ‘Breathless,’ since I was young,” K-Sise says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “He has always watched me and told me that when the time was right he would reach out. We first talked about the story around two years ago. As the story developed, he would reach out to me periodically to see what I was working on and about six months ago, we got down to coming up with concrete ideas and working on the song.” 

Harpaz spoke with Sise about creating a track and says that he was able to do research on the field for this selection.

“I was on set to see interviews with the subjects, got to meet and talk to them, and got a huge information packet with facts and statistics about asthma and it’s relation to poverty,” Sise says. 

NBC’s producers “loved” the song, according to Sise. “They were really into the hook, and they told me they loved the way that the song paralleled the stories in the episode.” 

The song is meant for listeners to understand the issue, Sise says. 

“I want people to understand the gravity of the situation,” Sise says. “At the base it’s people not having access to air, which is life, because of asthma. From the top, it’s the politics of poverty and living conditions that unacceptable. Black mold and roach dander should not be things that any child should have to deal with.”

K-Sise’s “I Can’t Breathe” can be found below. 

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