DJ Mustard recently spoke with HipHollywood about adding production work to Rihanna’s upcoming and yet-to-be-titled release as per a MTV article. “We’re going straight to the club,” he said of the planned collaboration.

DJ Mustard, who signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation imprint as an artist in November, is the producer behind recent hits from YG, Tyga, and 2 Chainz. HipHopDX recently named DJ Mustard as a runner-up for its Producer of the Year award.

Earlier this week, YG released a new single featuring Drake produced by the Los Angeles native.

“I’m finna go in [the studio] with Rihanna,” he told HipHollywood. “I’m gonna do a lot with my label mates.” After signing with Roc Nation as an artist in November, a label he was previously affiliated with as a managed artist, DJ Mustard can consider artists like J. Cole, Rita Ora and Willow Smith as official label mates. Artists managed by Roc Nation include Meek Mill, Wale, Grimes, and until recently, M.I.A. Mustard joins a cast of Roc Nation producers that include No I.D., Jahlil Beats, and Timbaland.

“Whatever I do is going to the club,” he said of the upcoming plans to work with Rihanna. “When I see artists I wanna work with, I kinda start doing stuff in their pocket, but it’s still me. So I’m just doing what I think she would like, and if she don’t like it, we’ll just figure out something else in the studio, and I’ll just keep making beats till we figure it out.”

The Ketchup producer clarified his comments to HipHollywood on Twitter yesterday (January 3).

Despite his comments about his music maintaining a club-friendly appeal, DJ Mustard told Jay Z’s Life + Times after signing to Roc Nation that he looks forward to expanding his sound. “What I’m doing now is just trying to convert over and show people that I can do more than just club records,” he said. “Just growing up and changing the outlook of what people think of me.”

While speaking to HipHollywood, DJ Mustard confirmed that his scheduled studio time with Rihanna represents a step towards a new album for the R&B singer. “Of course it is,” he said in response to a question about whether or not the music was slated for her next release.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX last month, DJ Mustard explained his planned transition from producer to public artist. “I want to be my own DJ like Fatman Scoop and Lil Jon all in one…going on tours and rocking crowds by myself,” he said. “It’s not on the EDM side. It’s my own thing. It’s some Hip Hop shit, because we don’t have no DJs like that. I don’t know why nobody’s doing it. I ain’t got right yet, but once I start, it’s gonna turn some shit up and everyone’s gonna start doing it.”

Rihanna released her last album, Unapologetic, in the fall of 2012. Unapologetic, which is the Barbadian performer’s seventh studio album, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 and represented the most successful debut week of her career. MTV reports that the news of Rihanna working on a new album comes in the middle of the longest release gap in the singer’s public career since 2007. reports that Rihanna rang in 2014 with a private dinner party in her Manhattan apartment and celebrated with guests like the British fashion model Cara Delevingne and Melissa Forde. Rihanna’s hosted New Year’s celebrations continued at Jay Z’s 40 40 Club in Manhattan after midnight.

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