Producer DJ Mustard, who is currently signed to Roc Nation under a management deal, will now be joining the label’s roster as an artist. Other acts on the imprint include J. Cole, Rihanna and Rita Ora. 

Dijon “DJ Mustard” McFarlane has risen within the rap world by producing several hits that have made it on the Billboard and radio charts, including “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz, “R.I.P” by Young Jeezy and “Rack City” by Tyga. 

In an exclusive interview with Jay Z’s Life + Times, DJ Mustard discusses his future plans as he moves into the role of being an artist versus a producer. 

“What I’m doing now is just trying to convert over and show people that I can do more than just club records,” DJ Mustard says. “Just growing up and changing the outlook of what people think of me.”

Also in the interview, DJ Mustard compares himself to EDM DJ David Guetta

“See my vision is to, you don’t have a Hip Hop DJ that’s like the EDM DJ,” DJ Mustard says. “Like David Guetta can go pack out a fucking stadium, and it’s just for David Guetta. You don’t got a Hip Hop DJ like that. So me, I just sat back and thought, ‘What would be different that I can do that the normal hip hop DJ or radio DJ wouldn’t be doing?”

Mustard also speaks on his transition from being a producer to an artist, while continuing to make music people want to hear. 

“What I want to do is to just put out my own album and go tour off my own album, and have people come see me like they gon’ see David Guetta,” Mustard says. “Just put on a show, cause I been an artist before I was a producer. I started producing because I know what people wanted to hear in the club. You’re gonna hear me in the club whether or not you like it. You come to LA you’re gonna hear that.”

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