DMX has been praying during his performances since the 1990s and the video of one of his prayers before his recent concert in Detroit was published today (December 3) by

“We pray that there are no fightings, no stabbings, no shootings, no arrests, no drunk drivings, no altercations, incidents whatsoever,” DMX says in the video. “[We] pray the best part of the show be the prayer and if we even touch one person for Your namesake, for Your glory, we’ve done a wonderful thing…We ask that You keep us safe and that every person that came here makes it home safely.”

In October, placed Detroit at the top of its list of the Most Dangerous Cities. It was the fifth consecutive year that the Motor City was ranked #1 on the list. says that there were no violent incidents reported at DMX’s Detroit show.

Beyond the safety of the people attending his concert, DMX also offered thanks in his prayer.

“Lord, we thank You for the blessings that most people take for granted, the food that we have to eat, the cars that we have to drive, the air we have to breathe, the clothes we have to wear, the lives we touch, the lives that touched our own,” he says.

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