Pittsburgh spitter Mac Miller may have four albums that he’s currently working on, but according to the Rostrum Records emcee, it’s likely the album that came about accidentally that will serve as his next album.

Miller revealed the news about his four albums while speaking with MTV News and also spoke briefly on pop culture and fans being pigeonholed based on the artists they prefer to listen to.

“I have four albums done right now,” Miller said. “Not done, but four albums that are—that have a foundation and that have at least seven songs to each of ‘em…The other one just kind of like was like an accident. The one that I think is actually going to be the next Mac Miller album. It was like an accident, which is dope. But you know I’m just—I’mma make music and I’m gonna capture every aspect of being a human being. That’s really all I’m trying to do. You know? I think that artists in pop culture identities are used to simplify what it means to be human and pigeonhole people into looking up to one role model.”

During his interview, Miller didn’t offer any specifics on when his next album will be released, but did share the story of how fellow artist Jay Electronica almost ended up on his Live From Space record, “Eggs Aisle.”

Miller says Electronica was impressed with “Eggs Aisle” after hearing the song, but was later drawn to “Suplexes Inside Of Complexes And Duplexes” after Miller sent over the song he produced himself.

“‘Eggs Aisle’ is a beat that [E. Dan] sent over and I loved it off top,” he said. “Made the song real quickly. We all loved the song…Initially I was gonna get Jay Electronica on that record. I sent it to him. He had texted me like ‘This is the one. This shit is tight. Yadda yadda yadda.’ And then I think what happened was is ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Eggs Aisle’ both had a similar soundscape to them. They had similar synths in there, so it was one or the other for us when we were cutting the tracks…When I sent him ‘Suplexes’ he was like, ‘This is the one,’ which was dope to me because it was like a little like sensei/grasshopper moment when Jay Electronica picks my beat over E.Dan’s.”

With the release of his last studio album, 2013’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and a handful of other projects last year, Miller was recently given the title of “Comeback Of The Year” in the 2013 HipHopDX Year End Awards. In addition to “Comeback Of The Year,” Miller also clenched a runner-up spot for “Album Of The Year” thanks to Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

Mac Miller’s interview with MTV News can be found below (via HotNewHipHop).

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Get More: Mac Miller, Music News

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